Design & Art Direction

The way you present yourself in today’s digital world can be a make or break for your company. Competition is increasing and exposed to a daily bombardment of digital content and ads, the average customer’s attention span is decreasing. At Hable we focus on unique website designs that efficiently communicate your company’s values and services. We are always looking for the unique, that make you stand out from the crowd in the digital myriad.

Coding development

Yes, we also code. With a combination of front-end and back-end knowledge we take your project from unique design to online website. We give special attention to cross compatibility, making sure your website works just as well on a PC, phone and tablet. If you already have a finished website design and you’re just looking for coding expertise, we are happy to discuss collaborations also.


At Hable, most of the websites we deliver are built on Wordpress, the world’s most used Content Management Platform (CMS). It provides an easy way for your to change and adapt the content of your website without any coding knowledge. Once logged in to your Wordpress dashboard you can create new blog posts, update contact info and change text and images on your website. You can also add new users, if other people in your company needs to access and edit the content.

Speed and Performance

It is estimated that 40 percent of consumers will abandon a website that takes more than three seconds to load. The speed and performance of your website also has a big impact on its SEO, a metric used by Google to display your website next to relevant search terms. At Hable, we never lose track of performance, and include it in every step of the process.