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The Design Brief

Restart Norway is a campaign that wants to make the reopening after the corona epidemic a driver for a better and more sustainable society.

In their own words: “After 1.5 years in lockdown, we have the chance to start again. We have to use it for all it’s worth.”

Restart contacted us at hable with a desire to develop a website for the campaign. The website provides information about the campaign and also serves as a platform for publishing articles and content.

Design Drivers

When developing user-friendly websites, it is important to identify the fundamental needs. Through meetings with the customer, we came to the conclusion that the following points were the most important:

1. A simple but varied expression

Keeping the design simple and stylish may sound obvious. But if the design is too simple, it is often perceived as boring and repetitive. We thus tried to find a balance between a clean design and variation in content sections.

2. Distinct identity for theme pages

Bruk av farger og design for å skape en egen identitet til de foUse of colors and design to create a separate identity for the different theme pages such as “the environment”, “the workplace”, “everyday life”.

3. Logo as “Call to Action”

To use the Restart logo itself as an element that invites the user to get involved. A clear and consistent “call-to-action” element.

Themepages with distinct identity

The Restart campaign has the ambitious goal of being a positive driver in all areas of society.

The website thus has subpages that divide it into different themes such as “The environment”, “The job” and “Everyday life”.

Each theme has its own unique color that is reflected in the WordPress template for each theme page.

Article templates

The template for news articles reflects the topic that the article is about. The template automatically retrieves the color of the topic of the article in question.

Two different color shades are then used as the background color for text and image sections.

Consistent, responsive design on all interfaces

Restart.no works equally well on all interfaces and devices. The same, responsive website works seamlessly on both mobile, PC and pads.

Optimal mobile experience

Design f The mobile design is optimized for fast page loading. The amount of content visible on the screen should be both comfortable and descriptive.