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The Design Brief

The perfect gift makes the recipient feel appreciated and seen. Most Dear is a website that makes it easy for people to find nice and personal gifts for their loved ones – their “Most Dear”. 

Most Dear was started by Annie and Cristian in Barcelona. Together with their editorial team they work on a daily basis with handpicking gift ideas for birthdays and holidays. 

We at Hable have designed and developed their new website using WordPress as a platform. It was important for the client that the design appears as professional and tidy as possible but also with a very personal and “cosy” feeling. In that way they want to set themselves apart from large, impersonal gift idea websites that are full of ads and often use computer generated content. 

Comfortable and spontaneous content flow

It has been an important point to strive for a comfortable and spontaneous discovery of content. The user should not be overwhelmed by too much content, widgets, ads, etc. at the same time.

We have therefore designed sections with a comfortable quantity of content that help the user navigate the content in a spontaneous way. 

Visitors that come in to gift idea websites often do not know exactly what they are looking for. We have therefore designed sections with adapted A / B choices that limit the number of choices and help the visitor get inspired.

Consistent design on all interfaces

The design is developed with focus on different devices. The same, responsive website works seamlessly on both mobile, PC and pads.

Layouts for seasonal campaigns

Gifts are usually given in relation to a holiday season. We have therefore designed optional layouts that can be used in seasonal periods, for example Christmas.

On these layouts, we have increased the use of colors, which correspond to the thematic color of the seasonal campaign. If a campaign is currently active (for example “Christmas gifts”), this will also be reflected as a separate field in the main navigation menu.

Optimal mobile experience

The mobile design is optimized for fast page loading. The amount of content visible on the screen should be both comfortable and descriptive.