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Maxime Mondet


Maxime Mondet

HAUS OF COLOR was born with the spirit of being a collaborative space for professionals in the fields of design and ephemeral architecture. Their goal is to create a collective in Barcelona that is capable of producing new-generation events and experiences which combine innovative technologies and visual arts.

HOC was struggling with slow page loads and a general poor performance on their site. Hable helped them optimize their content to ensure top performance across all devices.

Mobile Performance

Mobile accounts for approximately half of web traffic worldwide, and the number is increasing. Slow page loads and other performance issues becomes particularly problematic on 4G mobile networks, which is generally slower than WIFI networks. Special attention was therefore given to the mobile performance, making sure the pages display fast and efficiently across any device, anywhere in the world.

Multimedia content

Haus of Color’s website relies heavily on high definition media content, which, if not properly managed can slow down a website significantly. Through our optimization process we were able to reduce page load times significantly, improving the user experience and improving the site’s SEO.